Projects to Get You Ready for Sale!


Projects That Set You up for a Speedy and Successful Home Sale


Are you thinking of selling your home?  A house is one of your biggest investments, so when you’re ready to sell, you want a top-dollar offer, and you want it fast.  With a few smart decisions, you can set yourself up for success.


Hire a pro.  Finding a great real estate agent can make or break your selling experience.  There is also an abundance of agents out there, so how do you choose?  One suggestion is to talk with people you know who recently sold a home.  Find out who they used and what their experience was like. Look for someone who goes above and beyond the bare necessities, offering great advice and ensuring clients’ success.  Also research listings and attend open houses.  Note who is putting forth top effort, providing great visibility and activity. When you have a few agents in mind, interview them about recent sales.  Find out when and why they lower the price on a home, and ask what they will do to help yours sell.  A good agent can advise you on the best time for listing your property, as well as help price your home competitively.  Your listing agent should be a partner and an advocate. 


Curb appeal is king.  The first thing a potential buyer will notice about your home is the exterior.  Therefore, enhancing your property’s curb appeal is a top priority. Popular Mechanicssuggests starting with your landscaping.  Mow your lawn, remove weeds and tidy the edges.  Trim up shrubbery, eliminate dead or damaged plants, remove damage from trees, and put in new mulch and blooming flowers.  Some professionals recommendcreating a welcoming entry to your home by installing new house numbers (brass numbers can be purchased for $5.99 per number), repainting the front door and keeping decorations minimal.  Clean your driveway, sweep walkways, and put away garden equipment and decor.  If your home has any obvious issues, such as sagging gutters, dirty or cracked siding, and worn paint, remedy them.  For substantial repairs, such as a new roof or windows, it might be more logical to reduce your selling price.  Discuss options with your realtor.  


Inside information.  While the exterior catches buyers’ eyes, the interior will seal the sale.  First and foremost, make sure it’s clean.  Before your agent takes photos for your online listing, do a deep cleaning, getting rid of every last trace of dirt and grime. You can do this yourself or hire a pro. In Pittsford, it usually costs between$122 and $260 to bring in a cleaning service.  If you get a really thorough cleaning session out of the way, you should only have to do minimal touch-upsbetween showings, so keep a portable, handheld vacuumat the ready for surfaces and upholstery, as well as a Swiffer on hand to run over floors. 


Repaint your home’s walls if they look weary, are dated, or are bold colors.  Some experts suggeststicking with a light, neutral color scheme to make your home look more spacious and unified.  Carpeting that is worn or stained should be replaced.  Re-caulk bathrooms as needed, and if your kitchen cupboards are outdated, consider refacing or painting them to give the room trendy appeal.


Set the stage.  Making your home’s interior appealing to buyers goes beyond updates, repairs and cleaning.  Once you tackle those concerns, declutter and depersonalize your home so buyers don’t need to overlook your “stuff” to envision living there. Then, stage your home effectively by rearranging your rooms to show off your home’s best qualities.  As Houzzexplains, you want your home to look lived-in and clean.  Add a bowl of fresh fruit to your kitchen and a vase of flowers on your dining table.  Create conversation areas in your living room by pulling furniture away from walls and arranging it symmetrically.  Stick with a gender-neutral look in your master bedroom, and reduce the contents of closets and storage areas.  Give spare rooms identities so they aren’t confusing to buyers. 


Selling success!  Take steps to set yourself up for a successful home sale.  Find a great agent, tidy up inside and out, make repairs as needed, and stage well. A handful of smart projects can mean a quick sale at a great price!

Blog Post Courtesy of Suzie Wilson